Discover the beauty with legs11


Have you noticed how socks have become a fashionable item everyone is trying to put in the centre of attention? If you wish to be part of the trend, you are at the right place! LEGS11 offers a wide variety of women’s socks, from the ones only you will know you’re wearing to the long and over-the-knee socks for everyone to see. With each season our assortment of short socks is enriched with new styles and patterns, making sure you can align them with the chosen look. You can show them off wearing a short skirt or rolled-up leggings, but don’t neglect the potential of basic models in different colours. On the other hand, if you want to keep your socks just for yourself, pick some of the no-show socks, ideal for summer walks or a workout in the gym. And while on the subject of summer, fishnet socks are the lightest item you can wear on your feet and they have excellent styling possibilities. Planning a romantic dinner? Over-the-knee socks are that all-time item your legs deserve to have! During winter time you’ll appreciate our selection of long socks made from warm and quality yarns. If you need even more warmth, you will find our leg warmers an ideal solution (and their funny patterns will surely brighten up those cold days).